The word "negligence"

Professional Negligence

Quantifying losses in professional negligence claims

Need Professional Negligence advice?

Professional negligence occurs when a professional is negligent in performing their responsibilities to a required standard. This required standard is a level of service expected from a reasonable professional in that field.

While anyone can be accused of being negligent, professional negligence claims can only be brought against a person who can be considered an expert in their field, i.e. an accountant or auditor.

To bring a claim in a professional negligence case, it will be necessary to demonstrate the following: 

  • The professional owed a duty of care

  • That the duty of care has been breached

  • Establish the quantum of any loss suffered

We are able to provide advice or opinions on the quantum in respect of the conduct and competence of accountants, auditors or financial services professionals in a wide range of situations.

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