Ballistics and Firearms

Ballistics and Firearms

Firearms examination is a highly specialized field of forensic science. These well-trained examiners can help detectives and criminal investigations get important information about how gun crimes were committed and help identify the weapon used.

With computer-aided design programs, photogrammetry and laser measuring tools, ballistics experts can determine the trajectory of a bullet, the distance a shooter was from the target, whether or not a discharge was accidental, the position a shooter was in when he fired a weapon, and – perhaps most importantly – pinpointing the exact weapon used in a crime by comparing a fired bullet to the barrel of a specific gun. These crime scene maps can be used to create diagrams for police reports or courtroom presentations.

Forensics ballistics experts specialize in looking at anything that has to do with firearms, from identification of a specific round or weapon to determining the trajectory of a bullet. Ballistics experts can identify the calibre of a round and, with the help of national databases, can learn where the bullet was manufactured and possibly even the gun that fired it.

Ballistics experts may be called to lift fingerprints from spent shell casings or help collect DNA samples from expended rounds.

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