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Forensic Accountancy...Not So Elementary?

With an increasing litigious society, when parties fall out, they invariably turn to their lawyers in order to seek legal redress and a financial settlement. Legal disputes can take many forms and in the civil Courts may include business valuations and commercial claims, personal injury and medical negligence claims, matrimonial disputes and any number of other claims involving complex financial investigations. The use of a forensic accountant experienced in such cases will help you and your clients quantify the value of the claim.

The same also holds true in respect of cases in the criminal Courts involving complex fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking and other associated criminal cases. With the continued emphasis by the Government on prosecuting and seeking confiscation from anyone convicted of criminal activity, the use of a forensic accountant experienced in POCA cases is essential in order to assess the extent of any “benefit” arising from the “criminal lifestyle” assumptions.


Whatever the case, a clear concise quantification of the claim is essential. The use of a suitably qualified and experienced forensic accountant will make the difference between the success and failure of the case.